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Field Services

Our technicians are on the road throughout Sydney, 5 days a week.


Equipment Sales & Installation

Crane Pools offers both individual product sales as well as providing full equipment installation packages.

With so many equipment options and brands all of varied price, we are happy to work with you to create an equipment solution to meet your swimming lifestyle needs.


This could include Pool pumps, Filters, Chlorinators, Cleaners, Heating options and Pool Plumbing works.

Scheduled Regular Servicing

Crane Pools provides regular maintenance for residential and commercial swimming pools and spas.  

Our technicians can provide either weekly, fortnightly or monthly visits.

These visits can cover the following, as required:

  • Brush Pool

  • Brush Down Tile Line

  • Brush Down Steps

  • Empty Cleaner Bag/Strainer

  • Scoop Pool 

  • Empty Baskets

  • Backwash Sand Filter

  • Clean D.E & Cartridge Filters

  • Check Equipment

  • Clean Salt Cell

  • Chemically Balance Pool

  • Vacuum Pool (Not included in Monthly service)


Commercial Pool Management

Crane Pools attends to many commercial and strata managed properties throughout Sydney. We are licensed, fully insured and trained to comply with relevant safety standards. 

As every pool and or spa has varying equipment set ups, environmental factors, health considerations and usage; we can provide tailored maintenance plans to meet expectations.

We can also help with preparing annual maintenance budgets.

Call us today for a site inspection and customised quote!

Repairs & Problem Solving

Our team can take care of most technical or repair needs, as well as providing advice on equipment, pool health or pool safety.

We can visit you at home to help provide a solution to get your pool equipment running efficiently and effectively.


Some common issues are:

  • Noisy pump

  • Reduced suction 

  • Cleaner not moving 

  • Leaks & Blockages

We can also provide assistance or recommendations on:

  • Equipment Repair/Replacement

  • Pool/Spa General Repairs

  • Pool/Spa Filtration 

  • Filter Clean & Degreasing 

  • Filter Sand Change

  • Water Health Check

  • Safety Audit Advice


Pool Recovery

Have you returned from holidays to find your pool a little worse for wear, we can help bring your pool back to life from: 

  • Green Pool - can't see the bottom

  • Cloudy Water

  • Blackspot

  • Surfaces need restoration 

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